CFOG's PIP, August 1989, Volume 8 No. 3, Whole No. 71, page 21

CFOG September Meeting Features Prodigy

Date: September 17, 1989
Place: Skokie Publlc Library,
5215 Oakton Street
Time: Opening 1:00 p.m.
Program 1:30 p.m.
Topic: Prodigy On-Line Service

Prodigy is an interactive on-line service brought to you by Sears and IBM. You must have Prodigy's custom software on your IBM compatible computer (versions for Apple II and Macintosh will be available later). Prodigy is here in Chicago now. If you show up at CFOGs September 17th meeting you can get the Prodigy software free plus a month's free usage! We won't be able to have a live demonstration because we can't get a phone line at the Library, but there will be a 'canned demo' and an explanation of the Prodigy system, the benefits that Prodigy thinks you'll get when you join the system, and what it will cost you when your free month is up. Note that Prodigy has no metered charge, and includes such interactive services as banking.

If you want to try Prodigy and can't get to the meeting call 1-800-822-6922 extension 585, and ask for the free Prodigy Kit, mentioning CFOG. This offer expires September 30th, so act promptly.