CFOG's PIP, December 1988, Volume 7 No. 6, Whole No. 68, page 85

Whither CFOG? Part II

In the October 22 issue we asked "Whither CFOG?" We now have some answers.

The CFOG II RCPM has been taken over by a well qualified new sysop, Carson Wilson. In addition to being a graduate student in political science at Loyola University, Carson is an accomplished programmer. He's responsible for CHECK.COM, version 2.8 of which was noted in these pages in issue #51 (January 1987), and more recently for ZSDOS, a replacement BDOS for CP/M users, with built in date-stamping. Carson is a Morrow MD-3 user, running ZCPR3 as a replacement operating system.

Carson's most recent adventure, prior to taking over CFOG II, is the acceptance of the mantle of VDE. Eric Meyer has abandoned all CP/M programming, and given the source code for the CP/M version of VDE to Carson to carry on, with the proviso that the name be changed. Since one of Carson's hopes for VDE is compatability with ZCPR3, such as recognition of named directories, the new version will be called ZDE. ZDE won't be released for at least another month. It will, at least initially, be completely compatible with CP/M.

At the request of retiring sysop Bill Kuykendall, the name CFOG II will be retired along with Bill. A new name has not been selected at this time.