CFOG's PIP, June 1988, Volume 7 No. 4, Whole No. 66, page 49

Kaypro Users with TurboROM -- Some Help

by Benjamin H. Cohen

Ever since I've been using my Kaypro 10 ('84) with the TurboROM I've been having one problem. Screen refreshes aren't fast enough for some purposes. When I got on some remote systems at 2400 bps I had to ask for several nulls to give the cursor time to get back to the beginning of the line. On Sun Valley even 9 nulls was not enough, and I could never read the whole screen. And one board I called had no provision for nulls and was a real problem.

Bruce Morgen has supplied the solution to that problem in KP25LINE.LBR, containing a short program that speeds up the screen refreshes. Now I can get on remote systems at 2400 bps with no nulls and never lose a character.

But there was a side-effect. With the fast video screen installed and VDE running I kept seeing the 24th line repeated on on the bottom or 25th line. When I scrolled up it stayed there. Sure, I could get rid of it by scrolling the other way or blanking the screen with ^OZ and restoring it with [ESC], but it was a nuisance. Others pointed out that they were having the same problem with WordStar. Thanks to Andy Shapiro for pointing out the solution to this problem: install the program for 25 line display.

With WSCHANGE enter AACA to change the display in WS to 25 lines.

In VINST select terminal installation and then "E" to edit the current installation. About the fourth item to change is the number of lines on the screen. Change it from 24 to 25. So now I have WS and VDE installed for 25 line display, no more fouled up bottom line, and one more line of display on the screen. SuperCalc2 will be great with an extra line. In fact, any program should be patchable if I can find the bytes 80,24 (50h,16h) somewhere in the code and add one.