CFOG's PIP, May 1987, Volume 5 No. 7, Whole No. 55, page 1

The Bottom Line: Help, or Else!

CFOG has come to a crossroads. By the time you receive this a new board will have been elected at the May meeting. But CFOG is not run by its board alone. For the past three years twelve people have done all the work in CFOG. This cannot continue. If new workers cannot be recruited the old ones will soon be burned out. CFOG will die.

There are a lot of workers needed to run CFOG. Some of the jobs are:

Correspondents <to write articles>
Publicity Person(s)
Remote Systems Manager
Sysops, CP/M System
Sysops, MS-DOS System
Librarians, CP/M
Librarians, MS-DOS
Membership List and Meeting Notices
Executive Editor
Editor for MS-DOS
Editor for CP/M Kaypro
Editor for Osborne
Program Chairperson -- MS-DOS
Program Chairperson -- CP/M

On the RCPMs:
great technical skills are not required here. We have people who will maintain and upgrade the operating software and hardware. But if sysops are not found who will do the routine maintenance of checking out new users and validating them; testing uploaded files, posting them, and updating the listings; pruning the message base; and evaluating articles and help files for posting; these things just won't get done.

if we don't get separate editors for various areas of interest, especially MS-DOS systems, Kaypro oriented, and C-128 specific articles, there just won't be any such materials in PIP.

On the CP/M disk library:
we ought to have a Kaypro librarian, a C-128 librarian, an Osborne librarian, a Morrow librarian, etc., as well as a "chief" librarian in charge of the CP/M library. If these objectives are not met, the library won't have the new material that we all look forward to each month.

On the MS-DOS disk library:
what MS-DOS library?!? We have tons of material for MS-DOS users that could be cataloged but no one to do it. And you know what that means -- there won't be a library.

On disk copying at meetings:
unless you own an Osborne computer, you've probably been frustrated by the unavailability of software in your disk format. Do something about it it. You guys with Kaypros and C-128's: let's see some of those machines at meetings copying for those who need other disk formats. A Compaq or two wouldn't hurt, either!

On Monthly Meeting Presentations:
One person cannot by himself research and present the kind of programs that we all want to see each month. The Program Director should be responsible for coordinating and scheduling presentations by members and outside resource people. The Program Director cannot be solely responsible for finding all those outside resource people -- we need about a dozen people to take responsibility for a meeting this coming year.

On Publicity:
There are lots of new CP/M users: purchasers of 'new' used CP/M machines, purchasers of C-128s, etc. There are lots of MS-DOS users who could use CFOG's friendly help. But if they can't find us, they won't get it. We need someone to make sure that we get the kind of publicity in the kind of places where people who are looking for CFOG will find it.

The jobs listed above are really the minimum requirements for a functioning user group. Beyond that, there are many functions that would make CFOG more valuable to all of us. With nearly 200 members in the greater Chicago area, there's no reason why CFOG cannot fill them all -- except apathy. The Board can't force you to take on any job, but if there aren't enough volunteers to make CFOG a viable group, the Board can propose to disband the group. None of us wants to see that happen. But, by our own definition of a working user group, we're a long way down that road already. Don't let it be your fault! Call one of us to discuss your contribution.

Bill Kuykendall (207-6891, days; 235-9602, evenings and weekends)

Mike Andrews (348-0123)

Ben Cohen (726-3555, days; 965-8142, evenings and weekends)