CFOG's PIP, February 1987, Volume 5 No. 4, Whole No. 52, page 1

What's New on CFOG's #1 RCPM

[These are edited listings of new programs found on CFOG's RCPM #1. They are not <as of this writing> in the library, but should be shortly. As of November 23, 1986, they were in the "Uploads" section unless otherwise indicated. -- bhc]

HRDSFT11.LBR - WordStar
'Hardens' and 'softens' WordStar files. Strips the 8th bit, etc., for sending out ASCII files; strips off hard carriage returns in ASCII files so they can be reformatted with WS. Works in memory, limits files size it can handle according to that limit. VERY fast.

VDE231SP.LBR - CP/M (generic)
Latest version of VDE for screen play writers -- and Diablo 1610 compatible daisy wheel printer users regardless of what they write. Installs for ^PD, ^PS, and ^PY <ribbon toggle>; intalls four user defined embedded commands for 12 pitch, 15 pitch, etc. Set left margin with ^PQ.

CHECK.BUG - Utilities
Bug report, with fix, for CHECK25.COM. By the way, CHECK25.COM will NOT run with both DRIVE C: RAM disk and Smartkey. Not tried with RAM disk alone or with XtraKey.

CHECK25.LBR - Utilities
CP/M 2.2 or ZCPR3; not tested on CP/M 3.0. Compares the contents of two disk directories; compares two files to determine equal size or not; copy files; delete files; display files. Simplifies the making of backup copies of important files on another diskette.

MCOPY46.LBR - Utilities
Multiple copy utility works from command line or with 'sweep' style listing, has options not verify <default=verify>, not copy if file exists <default=query>. Works on CP/M 2.2 AND 3.0, but is a ZCPR3 tool. Neat for RAM disk loader since you can specify multiple files to be copied to RAM disk only if they are not already there.

SUPRDOS2.LBR - CP/M (generic)
Replacement BDOS for CP/M 2.2; developed on a Kaypro, author says it should work on most everything. There may be a problem with the Osborne SYSGEN program, however, so it may require some tweaking to get it to work. If someone does get it to work on an O-1 it will be a great improvement <no more ^C to reset disks!>. ZCP-NEW section.

PSET17.LBR - Utilities
Printer set-up utility for various dotmatrix printers. WS-NEW section.

Create parameter files for WordStar special versions; put them in specific user areas; when you run WS from that area WS will automatically patch itself with the specified parameters. Useful to get special versions for programming <default 'n' mode>, 'h' and 'j' on or off, special margins, etc. WS-NEW section.

Modify WSMSGS.OVR to reflect effect of embedded commands. Set up for Epson printer commands. WS messages will tell you in help screens what ^PE, ^PQ, etc., do -- double wide, condensed, etc. WS-NEW section.

SUB310BJ - Utilities
Extended submit facility for CP/M 2.2; written by Richard Conn of Z-System fame. Rename to SUBMIT.COM and use like submit but with additional facilities such as ability to 'build' a submit command line without actually creating a file. SUB-NEW section.

CRUNCH23.LBR - Utilities
Latest version of the crunch/uncrunch utility that is finding its way around more and more. Save more space than SQueeze utilities for many text files <not generally helpful for COM files>. Files with extension ?z? are generally crunched. UTL-NEW section.

YANC23.LBR - Utilities
Catalog program that combines all functions in one -- catalogs by user area and lists file size. You have to get out the correct terminal parameter file and rename it to YANCTERM.PRM to get this one to work. CAT-NEW section.

ECHO.LBR - CP/M (generic)
These are the programs that Roy Lipscomb wrote at the October CFOG meeting. ECHOFF gives CP/M the equivalaent of the MS-DOS ECHO OFF command. ECHOFF suspends program output from going to the video screen. ECHON restores normal operation. By using ECHOFF and ECHON in SUBMIT batch files, the batches can run "silently" without cluttering up the screen. SUB-NEW section.

Master catalog of CFOG library files. This lists files in alphabetical order so you can find where they are in the library. Also contains WS merge-print file. The catalog was prepared with YANC and while various 'print catalog' utilities will be compatible with it, only YANC would print the user area and file size for each file. For those who don't have YANC, this file will merge print the in two columns. Check it to make sure the .fi command is followed by the filename of the as you have it <it probably doesn't as uploaded>.

RESQ17.LBR - CP/M (generic)
Rescue what was in memory when your computer went kerflooie. Reset and run resq. Searches for a string you specify, then saves from the beginning of the file as much as it can. UTL-NEW section.

GENSTAT.LBR - Executive
A statistical analysis program that works quite well on CPM+. UPLOADS section.

A possible fix for two common problems that prevent turbo related programs from working on many machines. TXT-NEW section.

This file, courtesy of ICUG on The Source, is the program to convert the old CPM.SYS file on the C128 to the new one, which supports RS232. Even if you have the new upgrade, run this! C128-NEW section.

CPMXFER3 - Other
This file is written for the 128 mode. Save it as a PRG file and run it. It will allow C128 users to download and then transfer the IMP and MEX stuff to their CPM disks. Works better than the file from Irv. C128-NEW section.

MEX128.OZJ - Communications
MEX version 1.14 for the C128. Already set up to download, uncrunch, rename to .COM and go! C128-NEW section.

128READ.ME - Other
Explanatory doc on the C128 files below. C128-NEW section.

C128-IMP.LBR - CP/M Plus (generic)
IMP for the C128. C128-NEW section

CONF.LBR - Other
This is a special Configure program for the C128 CPM3 system. It can be used ONLY on the C128! C128-NEW section

[The following files have been relocated from the Uploads section but their location is not listed by the Whatsfor program. Use DIR <filename.type $AD<cr> to find them. -- bhc]

OSBORNE1.VDM - Osborne 1
The overlay to install VDM23 on an Osborne 1. Includes printer control codes for an Epson-compatible printer. Install using the VDE install program VINST, just type: VINST23 VDM23 0SBORNE1<return>, then enter S (for save) on the VINST menu.

VDE231.LBR - CP/M (generic)
VDE231 supplement to the VDE23.LBR for those who have it. Two bug fixes for VDE/M 2.30, which should be dumped!

PUBPAT.LBR - CP/M (generic)
Patches to make files 'public' so that they can be accessed from different user areas. Also includes patched version of DISK7 that works with this.

SAP52.LBR - Utilities
Clean up directory; alphabetizes so that DIR will give an alpha listing.

FINREP23.LBR - WordStar
Updated version; find and replace external to WordStar; works on wildcard selected files, so if you have CHAP.1, CHAP.2, etc, you can do a global replace with one command!

BISHOW33.LBR - CP/M (generic)
"Type" utility, allows paging forward and backward in document.

VDE23.LBR - WordStar
Latest version of Eric Meyer's growing word processor for ALL cp/m machines, especially those with memory mapped video. More like WS, with top/bottom of screen commands, this is a super editor for files that fit in memory with a 10K WP program <9K with memory mapped video>.

DD12.LBR - Utilities
Yet another 4 column directory program, in 4K bytes, shows all files or sys files only, vertical alphabetization <or horizontal if you really want it>, only a few other options. Uses "/" for parameters instead of $, much easier to use even if non-standard.

747.BQS - MicroSoft Basic
A flight simlator game for a Morrow. It would not run on an O-1 Got off the ground with TPC-1 and CPM 2.2 + MBASIC, but ran out of memory. May work on CPM 3.0. Looks fairly good on the TPC-1 screen. [Are there REM statements in this file? Stripping them out <with utilities in the CFOG library> might solve the memory problem. -- bhc.]

BASCOM2.DQC - MicroSoft Basic
Some hints on using the BASCOM compiler for MicroSoft BASIC.

EX15.LBR - CP/M (generic)
RAM resident replacement utility for Submit.