CFOG's PIP, September 1986, Volume 4 No. 11, Whole No. 47, page 1

President's Message

At our September meeting, we had our first 'Modem Extravaganza' -- an event billed as "The place to get a round tuit or whatever else you need to get your computer hooked up to our RCP/M systems". It was quite an ambitious undertaking, and as it turned out, our on-line demonstrations didn't leave us enough time to get everyone's modems and computers talking to each other. We will be scheduling followup sessions in the near future for those of you who still need help getting on-line.

Speaking of RCP/M's (as I usually am these days) we ran into a snag in our plan to boost our two 35 Meg systems to 140 Meg each. The supplier that we contracted to put together the hard drive subsystems apparently experienced some problems in producing them. We finally cancelled the order when, after 7 weeks, they still hadn't located a replacement drive for one that failed during testing. Since hard disk options are fairly limited as long as we continue to use Osborne Executives for the host machines, we've purchased a TeleVideo multi-user system, which we will be developing as a replacement for both of our current systems. We'll try to get the new system on-line sometime early next year.

In general, I'm quite pleased with the progress we're making. We have gained a number of first time new members this year, many of whom are from out of state. PIP is almost completely on schedule again without skipping a single issue (it was 4 months behind schedule when Ben became Editor in April). We have lined up some interesting speakers for the coming months, and have begun the difficult task of revamping our disk copying facilities to include most common disk formats.

Thanks again to all of the volunteers who donate their time to help make CFOG the best user group in Chicago. As always, there's plenty to do, and we couldn't do it without you.

(If you aren't involved, but would like to be, you can call me at home at 235-9602. We welcome all suggestions for new services, and can always use help on the projects we already have going.)

Bill K