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"KCNet" Software 2016/08 for ZPIO network cards

CP/M programs with descriptions for ZPIO network cards at default I/O-address 0C0H (K1520Net or GNet):

  • CPMNET16.COM (test program for the "KCNet"-interface)
  • NCFG12.COM / NCFG.INI / NCFG12.DOC (network configuration)
  • PING13.COM / PING13.DOC (ping program)
  • TFTP14.COM / TFTP14.DOC (file transfer with TFTP protocol as client and server)
  • KERMIT4N.COM / KERMIT4N.DOC (modified Kermit-80 version 4.11 as TELNET client or for the file transfer with KERMIT protokol as client or server)
  • WOL11.COM / WOL.INI / WOL11.DOC (WakeOnLan client)
  • NTIME11.COM / NTIME11.DOC (SNTPv4 client for setting the system clock of ZSDOS/ZDDOS-CP/M's and CP/M Plus via NTP server)
  • FTP11.COM / FTP11.DOC / FTP11.DOK / *.FTP scripts ("full featured" FTP terminal client)
  • NPRINT10.COM / NPRINT10.DOC (print Client for JetDirect print Server)
The network programs have been translated for the standard PIO address 0C0h and can be used normally immediately. By modifying the terminal codes for screen and keyboard in the file KCNET.INC the software can be adapted within certain limits to the own hardware.
Datum 02-08-2016 Dateigröße 174.5 KB Download 1448
"KCNet" CP/M sources 2016/08

Last version of the "KCNet" software package with the assembler-sources for CP/M. It contains the network programs for a "KCNet" interface, read included "KCN_DESC.TXT":

  • CPMNET - interface test
  • NCFG - network configuration
  • PING - ICMP Client and Server
  • TFTP - TFTP Client and Server
  • WOL - WakeOnLan Client
  • NTIME - SNTPv4 Client
  • FTP - "full featured" FTP Terminal-client
  • NPRINT - print Client for JetDirect print Server

Requirements for the translation:

  • MS-Assembler M80.COM, DR-Linker LINK131.COM or MS-Linker L80.COM
  • Library SYSLIB.REL (the SYSLIB's are available at Hal Bower's Home Page, look at CP/M-Links)

The translation can be carried out with the help of SUBMIT.COM and one of the two sub-files.

Datum 02-08-2016 Dateigröße 191.5 KB Download 1725
Z80 GNet network card

Description (in German only!), circuit diagram, parts list, layout drawing, assembly diagram, assembly instructions and GAL files of the "G"eneric "Net"work card based on the "KCNet" project. This version was designed by Enrico Grämer for use in any Z80 systems.

It is intended primarily for CP/M compatible computers, since the existing network programs can be used immediately. For using the card in other Z80 systems (home computers etc.), the system-specific program components have to be tailored to your own system, the network communication is system independent.

Datum 05-11-2011 Dateigröße 7.04 MB Download 1969
M052 hardware-module for KC85 systems

Hardware documents of the KC85 Network & USB module M052. The archive contains the circuit diagram, part list and other files from the layout.

Datum 01-08-2010 Dateigröße 2.03 MB Download 1555
K1520NET network card

Circuit diagram, part list and GAL-files of the network card for K1520 bus systems. This KCNet based card contains the same network interface and a boot eeprom.

There are some pictures and a (german) description at:

The card recognizes WOL packets that are sent to the MAC of the card and can therefore start appropriate systems from the network.

Datum 01-08-2010 Dateigröße 700.1 KB Download 1625
KCNet protocol 1.2

Description of the Low-Level-Commands for the communication between Z80 system and KCNet-Interface with the PIO device driver.

List of the debug-commands for the communication via terminal program and RS-232 debug interface.

Datum 15-07-2008 Dateigröße 22.33 KB Download 1715

Tool for the DOS command line in Windows, to extract PMA archives (should be placed in a PATH-Directory).


LHA-PMA [-]<command>[option][w=<dir>] archive_file [file...]

Example (unpack all archive-files to the current directory):


LHarc    for UNIX  V 1.02  Copyright(C) 1989  Y.Tagawa
LHx      for MSDOS V C2.01 Copyright(C) 1990  H.Yoshizaki
LHx(arc) for OSK   V 2.01  Modified     1990  Momozou
LHa      for UNIX  V 1.00  Copyright(C) 1992  Masaru Oki
LHA-PMA  for UNIX  V 2     PMA added    2000  Maarten ter Huurne

Datum 30-06-2000 Dateigröße 155.84 KB Download 1783