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"KCNet" Software 2016/08 for ZPIO network cards

CP/M programs with descriptions for ZPIO network cards at default I/O-address 0C0H (K1520Net or GNet):

  • CPMNET16.COM (test program for the "KCNet"-interface)
  • NCFG12.COM / NCFG.INI / NCFG12.DOC (network configuration)
  • PING13.COM / PING13.DOC (ping program)
  • TFTP14.COM / TFTP14.DOC (file transfer with TFTP protocol as client and server)
  • KERMIT4N.COM / KERMIT4N.DOC (modified Kermit-80 version 4.11 as TELNET client or for the file transfer with KERMIT protokol as client or server)
  • WOL11.COM / WOL.INI / WOL11.DOC (WakeOnLan client)
  • NTIME11.COM / NTIME11.DOC (SNTPv4 client for setting the system clock of ZSDOS/ZDDOS-CP/M's and CP/M Plus via NTP server)
  • FTP11.COM / FTP11.DOC / FTP11.DOK / *.FTP scripts ("full featured" FTP terminal client)
  • NPRINT10.COM / NPRINT10.DOC (print Client for JetDirect print Server)
The network programs have been translated for the standard PIO address 0C0h and can be used normally immediately. By modifying the terminal codes for screen and keyboard in the file KCNET.INC the software can be adapted within certain limits to the own hardware.


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