CFOG's PIP, June 1987, Volume 5 No. 8, Whole No. 56, page 6

CFOG Board Meetings

CFOG Board Meeting, March 12, 1987

The following actions were taken:

Annual election meeting will be held at the May 3 meeting since the April 5 meeting will be during the special Triton College weekend on computer graphics. This will also give us the opportunity to present the amendments to the by-laws at the same time, since they were omitted from the March PIP.

The Secretary will take over the membership list and postcard meeting notice chores formerly handled by Cedric Chernick and Dave Jacobsohn. The hard disk and modem will be transferred from Cedric to Rand. Rand is purchasing a printer.

Because of Bill K's new position he will not have time during the next several months to develop the Televideo multi-user system. We will liquidate this system in favor of some other system which may take less time and effort to develop for expansion of the remote access systems.

RCPM #1 will be reinstalled at Bill K's house. It will be necessary to reformat the hard disk at that time. Bill will set up additional MS-DOS public domain and shareware on the systems. Only selected software from the library will be on line at all times since many items have never been downloaded.

Members will be encouraged to take an active part in CFOG affairs. We need to involve non-Osborne owners.

A suggestion to charge 50 cents for each library disk copied in order to create a fund to purchase a PC clone that could be used at meetings to copy disks onto MS-DOS and multiple CP/M formats was shelved for the time being.

CFOG Board Meeting, April 28, 1987

President Kuykendall brought up MS-DOS support. Proposed separate MS-DOS SIG with its own bulletin board. Jacobsohn asks what we can offer MS-DOS users that other groups can't: transition people who are moving to MS-DOS from CP/M. Friendships. No charge software copying. One system will become an MS-DOS system; the other will be a CP/M system.

Bill Kuykendall will keep both systems physically at his house and do the system maintenance. We need a group of CP/M people to take over most of the sysop tasks on the CP/M system.

An MS-DOS library will be started.

Jon Shimberg will get a 1200 baud modem to be used by him as treasurer.

No progress on sale of old equipment to date. There may be some developments.

Moved and passed to amend by-laws to make number of directors <in addition to the four officers> to one to five directors at large, effective at immediately. A quorum shall be four members of the Board.

Ben Cohen and Dave Jacobsohn are appointed as directors for a term to end at the annual meeting on May 3, 1987.

Board policy statements:

Correspondents who will during the course of the year submit an article to PIP.
Publicity Person(s)
Remote Systems Manager
Sysops, CP/M System
Sysops, MS-DOS System
Librarians, CP/M
Librarians, MS-DOS
Membership List and Meeting Notices
Executive Editor
Editor for MS-DOS
Editor for CP/M Kaypro
Editor for Osborne
Program Chairperson -- MS-DOS
Program Chairperson -- CP/M

Two programs at meetings with programs for both.

If there are not enough people to fill these critical positions the Board will consider disbanding the group.

Approved blanket order for FOG disks.