CFOG's PIP, May 1989, Volume 8 No. 2, Whole No. 70, page 11


by Steve Lucius

Thank you for the honor of electing me president (I think). What I have in mind for CFOG is to emphasize our strengths in being a small organization with a good newsletter and bulletin board. We can then use these strengths to grow on. As the one of the last local outposts of CP/M information and as a small DOS group we have something to attract users.

Our next meeting will be May 21, 1989 at the Skokie Public library at 1 PM. Dave Jacobsohn will give a presentation of computer development in Illinois circa 1950. This will also be an organizational meeting as there are some jobs that need to be reshuffled and/or assistants found such as MS-DOS and CP/M disk librarians.

For the June meeting unless a better topic comes up I could like to have a meeting on modems, not theory but how to get the %$#* thing working on your computer. What I hope to be able to do is to bring in one or two telephone test setups so we can actually have modem to modem communication in the room. This will give us the opportunity to test out modems and work together to get more members using modems and on the bulletin board. More about this at the May meeting.

I think we can have a good year. We have an experienced group of officers and a lot of established programs to work with. With your help, we will go forward.