CFOG's PIP, May 1988, Volume 7 No. 3, Whole No. 65, page 33

CFOG On the Move to Skokie Public Library

by Benjamin H. Cohen

CFOG has a new home, at least for the Summer of 1988. My wife spotted a local newspaper story noting that the Skokie Public Library will be open on Sundays this summer: a new policy. When I called they advised that they were not taking on new groups on a regular basis, but on the other hand, they were getting two new IBM clones to augment their two Apples and had just started talking about a user group. So, we'll be the guests of the Skokie Public Library, 5250 Oakton Street, Skokie for our June, July, and August meetings.

The dates are June 26, July 31, and August 28, the last Sunday in each month. The meeting room on the second floor holds up to 75 people, so it's more than adequate for our current needs.

The Skokie Public Library is readily accessible from the Edens Expressway, by exiting at Dempster Street southbound, or Touhy northbound. From Dempster, go east to Gross Point Road and turn right. Almost immediately, you'll turn left (sort of!) to head south on Laramie one mile to Oakton Street. The library parking lot is straight ahead across Oakton.

The Touhy exit ramps are under repairs this summer; part of the time you won't be able to get off eastbound and part of the time you won't be able to get off westbound. It doesn't matter: take the one that is open. If you've gone east on Touhy, take Cicero Avenue north to Lincoln Avenue. Bear left on Lincoln. You will get to a stop sign before long where Lincoln intersects with Niles Center Road. Lincoln goes right, along with Niles Center Road. You go straight ahead on Galitz. Turn right into the library parking lot about half a block ahead.

If you have gone west on Touhy, go to Niles Center Road, about half a mile, and turn right. On Niles Center Road you'll get to that stop sign at the intersection with Lincoln Avenue. Turn left on Galitz and then right into the library parking lot.

The meeting room space is reserved for us from 1 to 5 p.m., the only hours that the Library is open on Sunday.

If the arrangements are satisfactory to us and the Library, there's a chance that we'll be invited to meet in Skokie every month on a regular basis.