CFOG's PIP, December 1987, Volume 6 No. 2, Whole No. 62, page 1

CFOG II Adds 20 Mb, Z-Message System, LUX

CFOG II, our RCPM [312-235-7902] has expanded. An additional 20 Mb hard disk has been added, bring its current capacity to 55 Mb. The additional hard disk, initially comprising Drive F, is devoted to MS-DOS public domain and shareware software for the many CFOG members who are using MS-DOS computers. As of January 2, there was already 5 Mb of software on the system.

At about the same time as the new hard drive went on line, system administrator Bill Kuykendall did a marathon installation of the Z-Message system, a version of the Metal Message System previously used on CFOG I. Users will find many improvements over the PBBS message system previously used. One especially nice thing is that it will make life much easier for the sysops. That's good for users because it means less time taken for maintenance and better maintenance, too. That means more time to fix things up to make them better for the users.

Another nice new feature is LUX, a new utility that allows you to easily check out ARC, ARK and LBR files on the RCPM. When you enter

LUX [filename][RETURN]

where [filename] is the name of an ARC, ARK, or LBR file, you'll be presented with a directory of the ARC, ARK, or LBR and a special prompt that shows you are in LUX and logged onto the file you've selected. While you are in LUX you can read any file in the ARC, ARK, or LBR by simply entering

TYPE [member.typ][RETURN]

You can LUX onto another ARC, ARK, or LBR or send individual members of the ARC, ARK, or LBR. For complete details, turn on your capture buffer and check out the LUX help facility.

Don't hesitate: get on line!