CFOG's PIP, October 1986, Volume 4 No. 12, Whole No. 48, page 1

Downtown SIG Modem Session

The Downtown <Pizza> SIG will devote its December meeting to remote access. The CFOG RCPM #2 will be off the air for the evening so that we can call in. Both Oterm and MEX will be demonstrated. If time and the number of members present permits, we'll have hands-on demos. This will be similar, we hope, to what was done at the September Sunday meeting, except less elaborate and we hope to get everyone up and running with the necessary software. Please be sure to reserve a place for this special meeting by calling the answering machine at 726-3569. We reserve the right to limit attendance at this meeting as there is limited space.

Downtown SIG meetings are held at the law offices of Schartzberg, Barnett & Cohen, Suite 2400, 55 West Monroe Street, Chicago, and start at 6:00 p.m. with pizza from Edwardo's <$6.50>.