CFOG's PIP, April 1986, Volume 4 No. 6, Whole No. 42, page 1

Editor's Message

The delay in mailing the March PIP was caused by my disappearance for about two weeks for my hobby: some of you think computers are my hobby, but that's far from correct. I've been a member of the American Philatelic Society for 25 years, active in a couple of local stamp clubs -- one of which I organized, on and off the Board of the Combined Philatelic Exhibition of Chicagoland over the years, and most recently, for several years a member of the Oranizing Committee of Ameripex '86, the international stamp show held at the Rosemont ExpoCenter from May 22nd through June 1st. At 350,000 square feet, 11 days, and attendance over 150,000, Ameripex was no small potatoes. The March issue of PIP went to the printer before the show, but I couldn't get to it to get it mailed until after the show, so it went out on June 5th. I expect that this issue will go in the mail about June 20th.

Unison World, Inc., has an ad in Personal Computing for Print Master and Art Gallery 1, buth of which are available for CP/M. "Create your own greeting cards, signs, stationery, calendars, and banners", it says. Features of the CP/M version include 122 graphics and background patterns, 11 border designs, text editor, 8 type fonts with various sizes and effects, and ability to save your creations to print later. C. Itoh, Epson, Gemini, Okidata, Tandy, and Toshiba printers are supported. Not tried.

Some of this issue was printed on my Transtar 130 daisywheel printer in 15 pitch gothic mini, instead of the HP LaserJet. I wanted to list some new library files, and they came all in capital letters. The software I use for proportional spacing doesn't take well to all caps material. The "old" technology was easy to set up in dual columns and print a full page at one time.

I have promised a lot of issues of PIP this year -- enough so that by December you'll have the December issue, on time, without any combined or skipped issues in between. That means I need your help. I don't want PIP to be 75% material taken from other newsletters. To achieve my aim of having PIP be mostly original material from CFOG members, you have to write it. Now would be a good time to start. -- bhc