CFOG's PIP, February 1986, Volume 4 No. 4, Whole No. 40, page 1

Kuykendall Uploaded to Prexy Cohen PIPed to Editor

President's Message

It has been said that the only thing that stays constant is change. CFOG has seen a few changes since the last issue of PIP:

- Elections were held on April 20th. Three new officers were elected:
Vice Pres.
Director At Large
Bill Kuykendall
Mike Andrews
Glen Ostgaard
Two of the former officers were reelected:
Tom Ferguson
Rand Gerold
- Ben Cohen is the new Editor for PIP. Af ter serving two and a half years (to life) as President, Ben decided to move on to bigger and better things.
- RCP/M #2 went on-line March 10th, giving us a total of 70 Megabytes of stored public domain programs available 24 hours a day to any member who has a modem. The message systems on both RCP/Ms are now open to the public so that anyone can participate in the discussions. RCP/M #2 also has a public access downloading section.

Some of the changes we are facing are more serious however, which brings me to the subject at hand: The future endeavors of CFOG. The CP/M community is changing rapidly as more business users turn to PC-DOS and more "hobby computers" feature CP/M as an optional operating system. (The Commodore 128 supports CPM+ and new CP/M cards are now available for the Apple II and the TRS-80 Color Computer.)

CFOG has done a good job in the past of supporting such business packages as WordStar, SuperCalc and dBase II in the CP/M environment. Unfortunately, these packages are beyond the reach of many of the new users of CP/M.

In light of these changes CFOG's membership renewals are down 35% from 1985.

These, and other issues will be the subject of a special Board of Directors meeting limited to the topic "future planning" to be held June 10, 1986 at 7:00 pm. The meeting will be held at Ben Cohen's office downtown at 55 W. Monroe, Suite 2400. As always, members are welcome to attend. Part of the main (Sunday) meeting on June 22 will be set aside to discuss these issues in an open forum.

I hope that each of you will find time to attend the June meeting. The officers of CFOG are united in wanting to provide the kind of support that the majority of members would like to have. We can only do that with feedback from you. If you wish to attend the Board Meeting on June 10th, please contact Ben Cohen or myself by June 3rd, so that other arrangements can be made if there will be more people than Ben's office can accommodate.

I'd like to thank (I think) those of you who elected me to serve as President of CFOG this year. I hope 1986 will be a year of problem solving and growth for us so that CFOG can continue to provide the kind of support it has in the past.

- Bill Kuykendall